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Q - How long have they been installing concrete pavers?
A - Vago Enterprises is one of the original installers in Michigan. We have been installing pavers since 1994.

Q - What percentage (%) of their business is made up of sales and installations of concrete pavers and retaining walls?
A - 80% of our total gross sales are directly related to pavers & retaining wall sales.

Q - Are they insured? Will they provide copies of the insurance coverage's?
A - Yes, we are insured plus we have additional umbrella coverage to protect our customers. We will provide copies upon request.

Q - Are they professionally trained in the sales and installation of paving stones
A - Yes. Our foreman and laborers have been in the business for years and are well educated on paver installation and retaining wall installations.

Q - Do they install as per a manufacturer/trade association specification? Upon request will they provide you with a written proposal?
A - Yes, we install per manufacturer specification & we provide it written on our estimates.

Q - Do they provide a written guarantee of their workmanship?
A - Yes, Vago Enterprises has available a 2 year workmanship guarantee.

Q - Will they provide you with multiple references in your area?
A - Yes references are located on our website from various locations.

Q - Have you spoken to their references and looked closely at their work?
A - Vago Enterprises feels that it is vital to look at examples of similar work.